Pro-Press Releases And Flyers

Financial crisis 2007-2010: Major Finnish multinationals continue to expand abroad

The 30 biggest Finnish multinational corporations reduced their personnel in Finland by approximately 32 500. Read more

Shop steward writes to Scottish owner - temporary lay-offs cancelled

"Sometimes it is good to use slightly unorthodox methods, and in this case it was worth it." Read more

The German labour market model fails to impress trade unions

"If we want to learn from the German model, we should learn from the export know-how of the companies and working hours banks" says Pro director Markku Palokangas. Read more

Court hands down prison time and stiff fine to couple in human trafficking case

"As the employees were forbidden to talk to anyone, the case proceeded slowly." Read more

Outsourcing redundancy is becoming a business

"Transferring business to another company is not a legitimate reason for the new employer to start making people redundant. " Read more

Finnish union confederations: EU has to respect the freedom of collective bargaining

European Commission has intervened in the bargaining procedures in Romania, Greece, Spain, Ireland and Italy and weakened the position of unions. Read more

A new study: How agency labour became accepted practice

Researcher Liisa Lähteenmäki criticises trade unions for being slow to recognise the problems in the status of agency labour. Now unions have noticed, that employers often prefer agency labour to ... Read more

Foreign owners make their presence felt in the Finnish paper industry

"Sometimes it is difficult to deal with the employer, as we have Finnish law and they are going by USA law. This creates differences in views", says shop steward, Timo Pulli. Read more

Trade union confederations critical of sizeable cut in corporate tax rate

The coalition government of Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen has decided to cut the corporate tax rate from the current 24.5 per cent to 20.0 per cent. The three trade union confederations (Akava, SAK, ... Read more

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