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Ban on overtime work

What is a ban on overtime work?

Under the ban on overtime work, workers are prohibited from doing all work outside regular working hours. Such work is, for example, the accumulation of flexitime, actual extra work and overtime work, additional work and overtime related to on-call work outside regular working hours, and work-related travel outside regular working hours.

What is a ban on shift changes?

Under a ban on shift changes, clerical workers are prohibited from changing shifts at the request of the employer.

Do I need to inform my employer that I am involved in the ban? 

No. Trade union Pro has provided the necessary notices to the national conciliator and the employer union.

My employer is making threats and intends to collect a list of names. What should I do?

We do not approve of these measures. Please immediately inform your shop steward, who will contact the Pro regional office.

Threats must not be made, and lists of names may not be collected. There is no penalty whatsoever for participation in legal collective action, since workers have a legal right to participate in strike action. 

Does the ban on overtime apply only to Pro members?

All specialists, supervisors and clerical employees in the workplace that are within the scope of the overtime ban must refrain from working overtime, irrespective of whether they are members of Pro, any other such organisation or do not belong to a union.

I am not sure if I work in a company that is affected by the overtime ban. What should I do?

Check the situation by contacting your shop steward or the contractual representative for your area.