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Can I join as a student member?

Trade Union Pro is the trade union of educated professionals which can be joined as early as during your studies. Our members are professionals who have a bachelor's or master's degree from a university or a polytechnic. Our student members are mainly students from business economics and technology.

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You can become a student member of Pro if you are a full-time student in a programme resulting in a degree in the field of technology, business, commerce, or administration. Our student members mainly graduate from universities of applied sciences or universities as Bachelors of Business Administration, engineers, laboratory analysts, scientists of finance, and information technology graduates.

Our members who have completed upper secondary vocational education and training are laboratory workers, design assistants, information technology graduates, and business college graduates.

Become a student member

Loyal friend – in work and time off

Many students work during their study years. In working life, it is important to know one's rights. As a member, all our experts are at your disposal. You can, for example, check before signing a contract whether your salary corresponds to the requirements of the position and that the terms of employment are valid. Information on working life and your field is available in Pro's membership magazine and on our website.

There are also many valuable benefits available for you during your free time, such as the members’ accident insurance for travel and leisure. We also offer training and events where you can learn more about subjects relating to working life. Pro's career service supports you in planning your career, applying for work, and personal development in your work.

As a member, assistance is available for you in all issues and situations related to your work. The membership includes earnings-related income security, which is better than basic security, if the relevant terms are met while working. For more information, visit the Unemployment Fund Pro website. 

Can I join as a student member?

People who are studying on full-time basis in a programme leading to a qualification can join Pro as student members.  

Student members pay their membership fee to the Students' Union of Trade Union Pro and to the Pro Unemployment Fund. The membership fee is paid only for the months of employment. In 2017, the membership fee is 1.4 per cent of the earned income under a withholding tax. The fee is maximum of EUR 57 per month.

Student members have the same benefits as other members. The Students' Union of Trade Union Pro does not, however, have a representative in the highest decision-making body, in the body of representatives. Note! You cannot join the Students' Union of Trade Union Pro, if you currently hold a membership in one of Trade Union Pro's member unions.

Become a student member of Pro today. Your membership begins when we receive your online form and lasts for the duration of your studies, with the maximum duration of five years.

Unemployment security

Student membership also includes the membership of Unemployment Fund Pro. If you are working alongside your studies, and the minimum requirements for earnings-related unemployment benefit are met, you will accumulate your rights for this benefit.

Your membership in the Unemployment Fund Pro starts at the earliest on the date you begin work and start paying the membership fee. You can only be a member of one unemployment fund at a time.

Your membership of the fund stays in force if you pay the membership fee for all months during which you have earned income.

Entrepreneurs cannot join the Unemployment Fund Pro. Please note that a person working for a company owned by his or her spouse can also be considered an entrepreneur.

What is Pro?

Trade Union Pro is a trade union for professionals working as clerical employees, experts, and supervisors.

Pro – a member of the Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK – is politically independent trade union and negotiates about 60 collective agreements.

115,000 wage-earners have already selected us as the supervisor of their interests. The sound of a band this large is loud and clear. By joining us, you can make your voice heard as well.

Vast operation

Pro has influence in

• technology industry
• construction and related fields
• forest, chemical, and food industry
• transportation and logistics
• data communications, communications, and energy fields
• banks and financial groups
• financing companies, handling of money, and value transportation
• credit information and collection fields.

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