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Why become a member of Pro?

You get all this for under 1 euro per day*

  • More salary

    As a Pro member you will earn more salary. Pro's collective agreements include, for example, agreements on shift differentials and sick pay.
  • Unemployment security

    As a Pro member, you will receive the union services and earnings-related daily allowance if you are unemployed.
  • Personal shop steward

    The shop steward is authorised to negotiate all employment issues with your employer. Tap him or her on the shoulder if you have any questio
  • Safer journey

    If an illness or an accidents ruins your vacation, the Pro membership card is there to help you.
  • Cheaper holidays

    Holiday Club vacation weeks are sometimes offered at half the price.
  • Customised career services

    One’s own career is an important issue for everyone, and good advice is needed. Pro will provide you with a personal coach for this task as
  • Continuous membership benefit

    As a member of the union, you have a channel to allow you to make a difference. No other party supports the cause of a wage earner as much a
  • Help in your private life

    Buying real estate, making a prenup or a will, wondering who will pay for the water damage in your bathroom? Call a lawyer of our law firm.
  • Quality proven by studies

    Pro studies solidly prove that there is not enough training offered by employers, and the training is distributed unevenly.

Who can join Pro?

The clerical employees, experts, supervisors and employees of most companies, working in fields of industry, finance, service, ICT, or communications, can join Pro.

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*Pro membership fee is less than one euro a day when calculated from the average annual salary of a Finnish person.