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All changes are reported to the membership register

If your matter concerns the change of contract field, change of employer/workplace, ordering membership fee bank references, changing an association or retiring, you can report it to us with an electronic notification of change.

Notification of change

Exemption from paying

In Pro, you do not need to pay membership fees during unpaid periods of time. The reason, start date, and estimated end date of the exemption from membership fees should be reported by the member to the member register of the union as soon as the exemption from paying starts. We do not receive this information on, for instance, maternity leaves or long sick leaves from employers and authorities. Acceptable grounds for exemption from paying can be viewed in the Proplus member service channel. You can also make your own report of exemption from paying through an encrypted connection. See also membership fee.

Changes of address

Changes of address are reported to us directly by the Population Register Centre, unless their disclosure has been prohibited. You can also personally make changes to your information in the Proplus member service channel through an encrypted connection.

Membership card

If your membership card is lost or defective, you can order a new one by e-mail: